MEDIA Kaleidoscope

Tailor-made communication

Publication: Print Magazine
Title: MilionArt Kaleidoscope
Characteristics: The art magazine that claims more time for reading and more space to look: a countertrend to many megatrends.Suitable reading for art enthusiasts who prefer to go deeper and are ready to be inspired. Intellectually demanding content, innovative layout and elegant design printed under highest.
Target Group: People with an affinity for art;
Art Collectors, Art Institutions, Curators, Art-Experts, Art-Dealers, Gallerists, Artists. Opinion-leaders in the fields of culture, philosophy, economy and politics.
Size: DIN A3 (297 x 420 mm)
Edition: 12.500
Publication period: twice a year
Languages. German/English
Reach: Europe
Distribution: Direct Mailing (1300), Museums, Galleries, Art-Fairs, Cultural and Financial Institutions, Luxury Hotels, Restaurants, selected Bookstores, Libraries.
Publisher: MilionArt a brand of Froner & Partner Consulting GmbH
Editorial office:


Once a year

  • 4th Cover Page: € 7.700
  • 2nd,3rd Cover Page: € 4.950
  • Advertisement 1/1: € 3.850
  • Advertorial 1/1: € 2.750
  • Special Design with foldout: overprice: € 5.000

Twice a year

  • 4th Cover Page: € 12.320
  • 2nd,3rd Cover Page: € 7.920
  • Advertisement 1/1: € 6.160
  • Advertorial 1/1: € 4.400
  • Special Design with foldout: overprice € 8.000