Christiane Vleugels

Project Info

Client Christiane is one of the world wide top 20 hyper-realistic painters,.
Skills "Apparently I am more critical than my mirror."

Project Description

“With each original work I create today, I realize more and more that the true learning process has only just begun for me! Each new painting unveils a certain aspect and makes it clear to me that I have chosen the right path in life. A life in which I have yet to learn and give so much“

At the age of 12, Christiane Vleugels went to the Academy of Art in Schoten (Belgium). Artist Herman Cornelis trained her skills in drawing and modelling. At the age of 17 she went to the municipal institute of decorative arts and crafts in Antwerp, where she focused on decor, publicity and nature drawings. After that, it was time for the Royal Academy in Antwerp. There she studied figure drawing, oil painting and restoration Techniques.

She married in 1986 and moved to the city of Cologne (Germany) for six years, where she had two years of continuous exhibitions in the well-known “Galerie des Beaux Arts”. Some work went abroad including Egypt and UK. Back in Belgium, many years followed with commissioned work including numerous reproductions and several exhibitions, also in the Far East. In more than 30 years she managed making a living as a professional painter, producing around 1000 paintings up to now. That explains her extreme skills nowadays, where she still creates right from the heart.

Christiane is more than convinced about what makes a real good portrait: “If the eyes -in fact the soul- seduce, if you want to know more about the person on the canvas. There needs to be more of a life behind the paint. It’s always nice when a portrait leaves something to the imagination. That also causes the spectator to want to know more about the artist“.

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