Francis Bacon

London - Großbritannien

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Client Francis Bacon one of the most important artists of the 20th century.
Skills The scream as a motive - expression for ambiguity.
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Project Description

Francis Bacon was born on 28 October 1909 in Dublin.

Cristiano Lovatelli Ravarino is the owner of finished, large-scale artworks, drawings, pastels and collages that were given to him as gifts between 1977 and 1992 by Francis Bacon, as is proven by a deed of gift, dated and signed personally by the Irish painter.
The deed of gift reads as follows: “02/04/1988. I left all my drawings to Cristian Ravarino. I am indebted to him and Italian renaissance culture. I also have the suspicion that in all those years Marlborough Gallery cheated and robbed me thanks to awkward situations created by the gallery itself. With love, Francis Bacon.


  • 1951 Solo exhibition of Francis Bacon at the Hanover Gallery in London
  • 1954 Venice Biennale
  • 1957 exclusive exhibition in Paris
  • 1960 Marlborough Fine Art Gallery organized solo exhibition of Francis Bacon
  • 1962 retrospective of the work of Francis Bacon Tate Gallery London
  • 1963 Bacon retrospective by the Guggenheim Museum in New York
  • 1963 Bacon retrospective in Chicago and Houston
  • 1968 exhibition at the Marlborough Gallery in New York
  • 1971 retrospective of Francis Bacon in France at the Grand Palais in Paris
  • 1971 retrospective of Francis Bacon in Dusseldorf
  • 1974 Bacon met John Edwards
  • 1975 exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Francis Bacon, Recent Paintings 1968-1974
  • 1983 Francis Bacon exhibition in Japan at the National Museum of Modern Art in Tokyo
  • 1985-86 Tate Gallery London „Bacon retrospective“
  • 1986 Tate Gallery in Stuttgart and Berlin „Bacon retrospective“
  • 1987 Francis Bacon at the Marlborough Gallery in New York
  • 1991 Tate Gallery London dedicated the Bacon works a whole room
  • 1992 Francis Bacon dies of heart attack

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