Jos Pirkner

Project Info

Client The exceptional sculptor Jos Pirkner, who surprises in addition to brilliant paintings, also with his outstanding architectural work.
Skills “As a sculptor I have only three means of expression – the material, the form and the space”, Jos Pirkner.

Project Description

The life and oeuvre of artist Jos Pirkner is comparable with few others. He trained as a sculptor in Graz and Salzburg. Then he went to Hollands “free college Utrecht”, where he worked with the Brom studio, a widely renowned gold and silver sculpture workshop. Pirkner rapidly achieved success in Europe and the USA with his silver, bronze and glass sculptures. For more than 25 years he lived in the Netherlands, where he opened his own studio, before returning to East Tyrol in 1978, where he has lived and worked ever since.

Jos Pirkner has always been preoccupied with the human figure – as a torso, in individual figures, but also couples or groups of people, intertwined or exhibiting dynamic movement, for various contexts, interiors or public spaces. The artist himself says “It’s not the anatomy that challenges me, not the body itself, but its language. It is at once significant and explicit.”

Major Exhibitions
1962 Den Haag Novelle Image – 1970 Städtische Galerie Lienz – 1977 Krikhaar Amsterdam – 1977 Utrecht Kunstring – 1978 Baukunst Köln – 1980 Künstlerhaus Wien – 1981 Künstlerhaus Graz – 1983 Galleria Fra´Giocondo Verona – 1987 Galerie Pensa Basel – 1989 Galerie Wild Frankfurt – 1992 Galerie Lenten NL – 1995 Dordrecht Galerie Compagnie – 1995 Kunst Wien – Museum für angewandte Kunst – 2001 Biennale der Bildhauerkunst in Portobuffole – 2003 Hangar-7 Eröffnung Salzburg – 2014 Red Bull Headquarter, Fuschl am See – 2015 Museum Schloss Bruck

1995 Verleihung des Berufstitels „Professor h.c.“ I 2001 Ehrenzeichen des Landes Tirol I 2002 Ehrenring der Gemeinde Tristach I 2015 Großes Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste Republik Österreich

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