Martin Pohl

Project Info

Client “Colour and Paint”
Skills My artworks are non-iconic and has developed into a style of painting that explores even the limits of images.

Project Description

Martin Pohl’s manner of painting is basically a quest for what is essential, a gesture, and chromatic reduction that goes all the way to monochromism. His art is non-iconic and has developed into a style of painting that explores even the limits of images. His works analyze the way images are looked at. With his broad palette knife strokes, he has underlined the meaning of painting as a gesture, and yet he has remained within—or at least on—the boundaries of non-figurative painting. He has adopted Naturalism rather than merely depicting it, even when his brushless painting comes close to representing landscapes, especially mountains. Martin Pohl follows a personal path on which the cognoscibility of the world, the sky, or the mountains, for instance, merely contributes to the represented idea and is never descriptive. Pohl models the paint. He has a penchant for monochromy and for capturing light, in order to emphasize the plasticity of the substance. The use of hot wax with pigments calls to mind a manual method of art that was common in the ancient tradition of encaustic. The immediate and bold application of color lends his works their special energy and luminosity.

Martin Pohl 1961 born in Tarsch / South Tyrol
1987-1992 – He studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna / Prof. Ernst Caramelle
Since 1992 – Realization of several architectural art – projects
1993-1995 – Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna
2002-2004 – Work-scholarship for Paris
Since 2003 – „The Artist’s Kitchen“, 3 artist`s residences in Vienna, Soravia Group, TownTown
2005-2006 – Work-scholarship for Vienna
2010 – Member Künstlerhaus Wien
Lives and works in Vienna (A) and St. Pauls (South Tyrol, I)

2015 Galerie Lukas Feichtner, Wien I 2014 Galerie Trapp Salzburg I 2014 Galerie Schmidt Tirol I 2012 Galleria  Cattani contemporary Art,Bolzano/ Bozen I 2012 Kunsthaus Meran,  „An den Grenzen der Malerei“ I 2011 Galerie Gefängnis, Kaltern, „Pohl&Zolly, die2te. – mixed – media I 2010 5eMuseum  Waidhofen an der Ybbs, Installation im Kristallsaal I 2010 Kunst in der Kartause,  „FARBE formen“ I 2009 Stadtgalerie Brixen,“Konzeptuelle Malerei“ I 2008 Galerie Goldener Engel, Hall in Tirol I 2006 Galerie Jünger, Baden bei Wien I 2005 Galerie Kunsthaus Muerz, Mürzzuschlag I 2005 Galerie Jünger, Baden bei Wien I 2005 Galerie Les Chances de l`Art, Bolzano/Bozen I 2004 4rooms mit Fabio Zolly ,the @rtist„s kitchen, Wien I 2004 Beiträge zur Zeitkunst, im Pavillon Wels I 2002 Steirischer Herbst, Galerie Kunstmagazin Hell I 2002 Galerie Jünger, Baden bei Wien I 2001 Galerie Kunstforum, Neumarkt I 1997 Galerie Jünger, Baden bei Wien I 1996 Galerie Museum, Bolzano/ Bozen

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