Orlando Donadi

Project Info

Client Surrealistic Painting into dreams and symbols
Skills Living and moving the metaphysical and surrealist artwork

Project Description

With the „Pittura metafisica“ which means even „surrealistic painting“, the Italian painter Orlando Donadi hijacks the visitor into a world of dreams and symbols, far from the reality. Orlando Donadi, born in 1943 in Treviso, near Venice, brings the „Pittura metafisica“, which was launched in the 20s of the last century, to life again and moves between metaphysical and surrealist painting.

Gallery Donadi – Venice – Canareggio 1294 (Ponte delle Giuglie)
Gallery Donadi – Treviso – Via Canova 39

2014 Venice – Palazzo Correr, with the “Romanian Institute Of Culture and Humanistic Research” in Venice
2012 Rome – Castle Theodoli Sambuci
2002 Miami – Gallery T. Curts’noc
2001 Vienna – Museum of Science and Technology
1995 New Orleans – Doctors Gallery
1992 Zurich – Exhibition Hall Casino
1991 California – Doctors Gallery
1987 Toronto – Gallery Dal Bello
1986 New York – Expo Venice for You
1984 Dubai – The Contemporary Venetian School
1979 Barcelona – VI International Biennial of Art

2000 Florence – Palazzo Vecchio – Florence Prize, Second Prize
1999 Florence – Fortezza da Basso – International Biennial of Contemporary Art, IV classified
1997 Damascus – Assad Mausoleum – Construction work “You bleeded the Heart and made history weeps”

Donadis painting is accurate, mysterious and seems to be far away from the reality. He uses only natural colours in his paintings. In order to complete his paintings Donadi covers the work with a wax film, giving the final image a very special shine.

Clear colours, a mystified reproduction of objects and emphasizing the sculptural values are indicative of Orlando Donadi, who still lives and works in his native town. Donadi regularly participates in national and international exhibitions.

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